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    KLD-200A(7421) Writing Smoothness Testing Machine

    KLD-200A(7421) Writing Smoothness Testing Machine
    I. Introduction:

    This tester is mainly used to test the friction between writing pen and the paper, not only testing hard nip of gel pen, but also soft pen of marking pen, due to the adjustable angle, it can test a variety of pens by simulating writing status.

    Testable pen types

    II. Main technical parameters:

    No. Test items Technical requirement
    1 Max text force (N) 2
    2 Minimum resolution of test force (N) 0. 001
    3 Max underline diameter(mm) ≮150
    4 Maximum rotation speed of rotating disk 40 turns/minute
    5 Relative error of test force indicating value ≤±1.0%
    6 Relative error of repeatability of test force indicating value ≤1.0%
    7 Zero point relative error of test force (N) ≤±0.002
    8 Installing angle of the pen adjustable 60°-90°
    9 Paper passing speed Automatic paper passing 10mm/s
    III .Main functions

    1. The writing pen can not only be a hard nip, but also a soft pen (including axe-shaped pen) which could be clapped through different auxiliary tools.
    2. The testing angle of the pen is adjustable from 60°to 90°.
    3. It can measure tangential friction produced by the pen rotating a whole lap on A4 paper, draw a curve in the coordinate system of Load-Time, and calculate average, maximum, minimum value of a single pen at one time; as well as average value of a single pen for multiply times.
    4. A roll of A4 paper should be used for testing, after one test, it can automatically feed paper with proper distance, thus it is unnecessary to change paper. With the paper retractable device, the round line won’t repeat for several tests, and the automatic feeding distance can be set artificially.
    5. The diameter of the cycle is changeable, and the linear velocity is continuously adjustable.
    6. The conversion among diameter of the cycle, rotating speed and liner velocity of the cycle is available, through setting program, diameter of the cycle and rotating speed can be converted into linear velocity by computer, if linear velocity should be specified, diameter of the cycle must be inputted in advance, so that the computer will automatically adjust the rotating speed to the specific speed.
    7. Writing pressure: Weight can be placed on the pen container when drawing line, which can be used separately or in combination.
    8. Standardize the test procedures through the computer, after input the test parameters to establish program, click the button to start test, it will be completed automatically.
    9. One refill can not only be tested once, but also be tested ten conservative times.
    10. During the process of drawing cycle, the curve of Test force-Time can be drawn in real-time, and such test curve has storage function.
    11. Language of the computer operation system and software can be Chinese or English, users can make their own options.
    12. Specification for the test paper: A4, with inner diameter of the paper roll of 15mm, outer diameter of paper roll of 63mm, and width of 210mm.
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