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    KPD-105(8421) Stabilizer bar fatigue tester

    KPD-105(8421) Stabilizer bar fatigue tester
    Description and application

    Stabilizer bar fatigue testing machine is a kind of equipment which simulates the stabilizer bar in the state of automobile for durability test.

    Functions and features

    ◇ The clamping state of stabilizer bar in automobile is simulated
    ◇ Reciprocating motion Eccentric connecting rod mechanism is realized by eccentric connecting rod mechanism. Frequency and amplitude can be adjusted through frequency conversion technology
    ◇ The test times can be preset, and the test times can be automatically stopped
    ◇ With break stop function
    ◇ Multiple safety and protective measures
    ◇ Device status indicator

    Main technical parameters
    NO. Project name Parameters and indexes
    1 Maximum loading capacity (push pull) 30000N X 2 (2 arms together)
    2 Amplitude (swing arm stroke/push-pull length) 20--500
    3 Frequency 0.5-3Hz
    4 The length of stabilizer bar 500-1500mm
    5 Arm length of stabilizer bar tested 150-500mm
    6 Mounting height of stabilizer bar  
    7 Counter capacity 1000000000
    8 Number of single test pieces 0.05r/min~5r/min
    9 Supply voltage 600mm
    10 Shape size 520mm
    11 Package size  
    12 Net weight  
    13 Gross weight  
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