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    KLD-E(1421)500-2000N Microcomputer controlled spring T&C tester

    KLD-E(1421)500-2000N Microcomputer controlled spring T&C tester
    Product introduction

    1   The machine is made according to the technical requirements of JB/ t7796-2005 《technical conditions of spring tension and compression testing machine》
    2   The test machine is mainly used for testing the strength of various helical springs and elastic elements, that is, “load at a determined deformation/height” “deformation/height at a determined load”

    function Introduction

    1   The machine is composed of main engine, control system, software system, safety assurance device and auxiliary device
    2   The main engine adopts a portal structure, and the stiffness and strength of the frame are fully guaranteed through the mechanical finite element analysis. Strong anti-overload ability; Important parts and components are processed in one time by machining center, which ensures the permanent precision of the equipment. The transmission system is composed of synchronous tooth belt, grinding precision ball screw pair and guiding part, etc. The drive system is driven by panasonic ac servo governor and its motor, with high speed and reliability. The load sensor with special structure is adopted to prevent the influence of the spring's partial load on the test results.
    3   Control system: PC computer as the main body, based on PCI bus technology, equipped with full digital test system measurement and control card, special measurement and control software system, full digital control, set PCI regulation, measurement amplification, screen display, data acquisition and data processing as one, high integration, is the advanced unit of domestic static control technology
    4   Safety protection device: 10% overload protection of excess fixed load, limit position protection of beam, over current, over voltage, overload protection
    5   Variety of test methods: test the load F at a determined deformation f;
    test the load F at a determined height H;
    test the height H at a determined load F;
    test the deformation f at a determined load F;
    Main specifications and technical parameters
    NO. Project name Parameters and indexes
    1 Max load capacity (N) 500 1000 2000
    2 measurement range of load 2%-100% of full scale
    3 Minimum resolution of load 0.005 0.01 0.02
    4 Minimum resolution of displacement(mm) 0.001
    5 Compression test space (mm) ≮350 (customizable)
    6 Tensile test space(mm) ≮350 (customizable)
    7 Diameter of plate(mm) Φ100mm
    8 parallelism error of platens ≤0.1mm
    9 Offset error of platens ≤1.0mm
    10 relative error of load indicator ≤±1.0%
    11 relative error of load indicator repeatability ≤1.0%
    12 relative error of zero ≤±0.1%F●N
    13 Deformation indication error ≤±(50+0.15l)μm
    14 Quality standard GB/T2611-92《试验机通用技术要求》
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