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    KPD-105 (1221) Suspension spring fatigue tester

    KPD-105 (1221) Suspension spring fatigue tester
    Product description and application

    Mechanical spring fatigue testing machine is mainly used for the fatigue life test of all kinds of spiral springs and drum-type shock absorbers used by automobiles, motorcycles and other motor vehicles.

    Spring fatigue testing machine is mainly composed of four parts: frame, mechanical supporting mechanism, transmission mechanism and fixture . By adjusting the lifting of the lead screw to meet the requirements of different size specifications of the specimen,
    According to the technical requirements of the spring, adjust the amplitude and frequency.
    A temperature box can be added for a fee to perform fatigue life tests on springs at different temperatures.

    Functions and features

    1 Maxminum load is up to 30kN, the machine is suitable for axial linear fatigue testing machine and axial flapping fatigue test of various car suspension springs.
    2 Four stations, or two stations work at the same time
    3 The test space is electrically adjusted, and the guiding mechanism and locking mechanism are added to effectively ensure the rigidity of the loading part in the case of large space.
    4 Using flywheel storage, clutch start smoothly, greatly reduce the motor power, greatly save the test cost
    5 Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation technology, output different test frequency.
    6 With uninterrupted lubrication device to ensure good lubrication of reciprocating parts
    7 Using PLC control technology, the reliability and anti-interference performance of the traditional control system has been greatly improved
    8 With touch screen operation and display, the test results are clear and easy to operate
    9 Sensitive break down function, convenient for unattended
    10 With equipment status display lamp, eye-catching prompt, achieve remote monitoring
    12 Security protection function:

    All external equipment with protective net, each side can open the door independently, easy adjustment, safe operation.

    In the eccentric adjustment mechanism, there is a safety switch, when the amplitude adjustment operation, the equipment can not start, adjust the switch can be opened, the equipment can start.

    Main technical parameters
    NO. Project name Parameters and indexes
    1 Maximum load capacity (N) 20000N 30000N
    2 Frequency (Hz) 0.5-3Hz
    3 Stroke length (mm) 200
    4 Test stations 4
    5 Counter capacity 999999000
    6 Counting accuracy ±1
    7 Spring OD range Φ200mm
    8 Maximum spring length 450mm (customizable)
    9 Power source 380VAC  50Hz
    10 Motor power 11KW
    11 Shape size (mm)  
    12 Package size (mm)  
    13 Net weight (KG)  
    14 Gross weight (KG) 2800
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